Quietude Room: Pre-Kindergarten

3, 4 & 5 Year Old Mixed Age Group


Our Day

The Quietude community is encouraged to explore the environment and greet friends while we transition into our school day. Our goal is to provide a space of warmth where families are invited to sit and read a book or give an extra hug before they leave. 

Morning Meeting is an opportunity to gather and communicate our plans for the day. The teachers present materials and projects that will be offered in the studio and throughout our classroom environment. We see this as a large-group brainstorm session. During this time we discuss our interests and practice scaffolding ideas. We also play games, sing songs, and read and reflect on books that connect us to our current topic of study. We incorporate our emerging math interest through our work with the calendar, voting and planning. Literacy is naturally woven into the routines we offer such as sharing stories, reading familiar words and names, and investigating words that are unfamiliar to us. The meeting ends with each child choosing an area of the classroom in which to work.

Morning Choice Time is when we express our individual interests as we begin in the area that we chose during meeting. The children are attracted to working in different spaces of the room with different friends and are encouraged to try out two areas each morning. Young children are drawn to experiences that they feel will challenge and fulfill their developing theories through play interactions. At The Soulard School we strive to provide a thoughtful environment with materials that provoke invention. A social emotional approach is offered using specific language while modeling conflict resolution and idea building. Each child eats a wholesome snack during this time donated by our family of the week.

On scheduled days of the week we have the opportunity to have indoor gross motor play in the Richter Room. Sometimes we build structures with large mats and participate in obstacle courses and dramatic play. Other times we clear the mats for yoga and creative movement.

Lunch is held in the McGurk’s Room, where we eat food that is prepared by the Culinary Arts Program or catered by local restaurants. On Fridays we pack our own lunches and bring them from home.

Read aloud before resting in the Quietude Room. We strongly value read aloud time as it has many academic and social emotional benefits. We consider this a time that supports Kindergarten readiness as the children practice being in a large group while they listen to stories. Some children take this time to fall asleep while we read to them.

Our afternoons are very reflective of the day that we shared. In this block of time we enjoy snack, make choices in the in the Collage Studio, sing songs and play outside before we end our day. Afternoon Meeting is a short, end-of-day gathering in the classroom. We reflect on our day, revisit topics from Morning Meeting and share plans for the next day.


Classroom Community

Our hope is to create a strong classroom community.  In order to do this, we would love for your family to be as much a part of our day as possible. While we have an open door policy, please schedule a time for conversations regarding your child's progress, development, or other sensitive issues for teachers' planning periods or after school. Another way to bring your family into our classroom is simply by bringing in a framed family photo.  We are happy to discuss your ideas and questions, and the best way to reach us is through our shared email. This is a way for us to understand how to best support your child and family, and avoids any one of us missing important information. You may still contact us individually via our individual accounts as needed.


Quietude Daily Schedule

8:00-8:45am Classroom Drop-Off & Free Choice

8:45-9:55am Outdoor Play & Exploration

10:00-10:20am Morning Meeting

10:20-11:30am Choice Time & Morning Snack

Depending on day, gross motor play in the Richter Room

11:30am-12:00pm Lunch 

12:00-12:30pm Read Aloud in the Classroom

12:30-1:30pm Nap/Rest Time

1:30-2:15pm Collage Studio Activities

2:12-3:15pm Outdoor play

Afternoon snack is served as children wake between 1:30-2:30pm

3:15pm - 3:30pm Afternoon Meeting & Community-Building Games

3:30pm Pick-Up