Camp Soulard 2017:  A Journey Through Stories of the World

This summer, Camp Soulard will draw inspiration from folk stories around the world for all of our activities!  Kids entering 1st-6th grades are invited to join us as we meet a diverse cast of characters and let them guide us through history, science, art, music, and food from their respective cultures.  Each week will be filled with games,  cooking, building projects, crafts, science experiments, and field trips.  As always, there will be plenty of free play, outside time, water play,  including weekly pool time at Gene Slay’s Girls & Boys Club across the street! DOWNLOAD A FLYER


Camp Soulard is open to students entering Grade 1 through Grade 6. See below for middle/high school counselor program.

All camps are held from 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday.

EARLY-BIRD RATES! If you register BEFORE March 31st, 2017: One-Week Session: $165 

AFTER March 31st: One-Week Session: $180

Beforecare is available at 8:00 at no charge.
Aftercare is available until 6:00 p.m. for $60/week. 

To reserve your weeks, please fill out the 2017 Camp Registration Form and send it in with your 2017 Summer Placement Information Form. Current TSS families need only complete the Registration Form. Both forms are required for students not currently enrolled at TSS. 

Camp Questions? Call the school at (314) 865-2799, or email camp coordinator Emily Bryan - 


Camp Soulard 2017:  A Journey Through Stories of the World

Week 1, June 5-9: American Tall Tales

The diverse cast of characters in our homegrown Tall Tales will guide us through America’s history and landscape.  We’ll hear voices from all walks of American life, write our own legends based on real events and make some traditional crafts and food dishes.

Week 2, June 12-17: Fiesta Feminina

We journey  to the Southwest  and focus on several Mexican folklore heroines to inspire our own mural painting, festive cooking, and historical travels this week.

Week 3, June 19-23: Camp goes to Camelot

Heading across the pond, we’ll join King Arthur, the knights of the round table, and a few magicians in the British Isles to learn a bit of medieval history, go on our own noble quest, and recreate a royal feast.

Week 4, June 26-30: Arabian Nights

Following familiar characters like Aladdin and Sinbad on their adventures through the enchanting Middle East, we’ll learn some ancient history, explore early astronomy and mathematics, and discuss current events in the region.  We’ll cap the week off with a middle-eastern potluck and campout at the Soulard School.

Week 5, July 17-21: Adventures in India

We’ll jump into the Ramayana to explore the Indian jungle with Rama and Sita, study the animals they encounter, make an authentic Indian curry, and try our hand at some traditional Indian craft and design.

Week 6, July 24-28: Native American Lore

We will explore the storytelling traditions of tribes living on the plains, specifically the mythology of the Lakota and Sioux, and corresponding arts and crafts traditions.  We’ll also cook some traditional dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

Week 7, July 31-August 4: Japanese Style

The Japanese narrative tradition is rich and closely linked to the visual culture.  We will enjoy some older Japanese legends early in the week, and work up to drawing some Manga-style cartoons.

Week 8, August 6-11: Anansi and West African Animal Tales

We will learn about the wide range of West African folklore featuring crafty creatures, with Anansi the shapeshifting spider-man as our guide as we craft animal masks, study weather on the equator, and cook some traditional Ghanaian food.


On Friday night, August 11, we’ll celebrate another fantastic summer of Camp Soulard with a costume party and potluck—dress as your favorite character from all the stories we read, or one you created yourself, and bring a favorite family dish to share!


Be A Camp Soulard Counselor!


Camp Soulard is always seeking engaged, compassionate, creative, energetic, and motivated young people to serve as counselors.  Being a Camp Soulard Counselor is a lot of fun, and it's also a great opportunity to gain valuable work and interpersonal experience, earn volunteer hours for school, and build your resume and college application credentials.


Details and Requirements

  • Complete the application here:

  • Mandatory 2017 training sessions: Tuesday, May 30, Wednesday, May 31, and Thursday, June 1, 4-6PM at the Soulard School.

  • 2-week minimum commitment if accepted to the program (any two weeks, they do not have to be consecutive)

  • $25/week to cover training, daily snack, and any field trip expenses; aftercare is available for $60/week

  • These positions are volunteer, much like an internship


This year we have changed up our themes again, and while we will still be going international, we're going to use folktales from various traditions as our way jumping off point for the rest of our activities.  We will still cook each week and have the same basic structure of play, pool, crafts, etc.  We will have a campout at the end of Week 4, and a costume party and potluck at the end of week 8.  Please read through the above descriptions so you know a little of what to expect!


We look forward to hearing from you!  If you have any questions, please contact Emily Bryan, camp coordinator, at