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Happy Birthday, Emily Dickinson!

Today is the birthday of one of our country's most celebrated poets. Emily Dickinson, the godmother of American poetry, was born on Dec. 10th, 1830 in Amherst, Massachusets. She led a quiet life, and though her poetry is known world-wide today, it was known only to a handful of friends and family during her lifetime. Her poetry, however, is far from quiet. As a poet, she experimented with expression and poetic form. Her constrained style pressed poems tight, like diamonds - beautiful and faceted. Her narrators were keenly observant, and often quite funny. That's right. Bashful, reclusive Emily Dickinson had a great sense of humor.

Children delight in reading poems, and it is important to share the classics with them, along with nursery rhymes and contemporary children's poets. Here are some good books for exploring Emily Dickinson with your young reader.

My Uncle Emily by Jane Yolen

Emily Dickinson's Letters to the World by Jeanette Winter

Poetry for Young People: Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson

My Letter to the World and Other Poems by Emily Dickinson