The Soulard School History

The Little School & Gym opened in the fall of 1997 with 4 preschool students. In August 2005, The Soulard School opened its doors to its first elementary school students. Since then, approximately 160 children and more than 125 families have been part of The Schools community. A growing population of families in Soulard and the surrounding neighborhoods has fueled our rapid development.

The Schools have a close community dedicated to excellence in early childhood and elementary education. That closeness is due, in part, to the parents and alumni who support it. Some of the highlights of our growth include:

  • Fall 1997: The first students are enrolled.
  • Spring 1998: The Rainbow room is added to the Pre-K classroom to add four students under the age of three.
  • Fall 1999: The Annex at 1223 Ann Ave. is opened for eight children under 3 years.
  • Spring 2002: The nursery and toddler rooms are opened as separate classrooms.
  • Fall 2004: Four kindergarten students are enrolled. The Jr. and Sr. Pre-K classrooms are developed and curriculum adjusted to meet the needs of the older classroom populations.
  • Fall 2005: The Soulard School opens (K-2) in a temporary location while the permanent facility is rehabbed.
  • Spring 2006: The students and faculty relocate to our permanent home at 1110 Victor Street.
  • Summer 2006: Funding secured for development of outdoor classroom.
  • Fall 2006: The Soulard School accepts students through 5th grade in response to immediate needs of currently enrolled families to serve older siblings


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