Danielle Livingston-Franks was a native St. Louisan whose drive to want to help people transcended generations. Her grandmother made a career for herself in education at Vashon High School. Her mother works with the most critically ill infants in the NICU at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital everyday. Danielle herself pondered career choices in both nursing and veterinary medicine. Her return to the workforce after the birth of her second child was as a homework helper at the Schlafly Branch of the St. Louis Public Library.  Ultimately she set a goal of becoming a police officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Danielle was involved in a horrific car accident in the summer of 2008 while on duty. Six months later after a miraculous recovery she died from complications resulting from her injuries. Danielle left behind two sons, 3 and 8 at the time. Her youngest, Brenden, was a 2016 graduate of the Soulard School.

The fund will award an annual scholarship to a prospective or current Soulard School student whose family might not otherwise be able to provide their child with a Soulard School education. The scholarship will follow the student through their Soulard School career.



“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington

Our goal is to raise and retain enough funds to cover a full year’s tuition for at least one student. Full tuition costs are about $10,000 per year per student.

We ask all that are able to contribute to the Danielle Livingston-Franks Memorial Scholarship Fund to do so.  Gifts can be made at any time during the year.


CONTACT US: DLScholarship@soulardschool.org


The following are the core ideals behind the establishment of the fund:


  • We believe children are the world’s most valuable asset.
  • All children deserve a “whole” education including not only the mind but the soul as well. It is as important to teach a child community and social survival as it is mathematics.
  • No two children are alike in any way and we cherish those differences with gratitude.
  • Families that share these values don’t necessarily share the same financial stability.


We are grateful and proud to have found these same core beliefs in the heart of the Soulard School Mission and pledge to help provide an unparalleled educational experience to children of families who otherwise might not be able to experience it on their own. We are humbled to be able to provide this assistance in the name of one whose child’s educational and emotional future was saved by the wonderful commitment made to early childhood education by the people of the Soulard School community.  



Recipient family must fall in the lower 1/3 of the sliding fee schedule for tuition that year.

Family will provide a minimum 150 word essay as to the hardships their child or family has faced and what they expect to gain from a Soulard School education.

Scholarship is available to 1st-5th graders that have had previous school experience outside of the Soulard School and are seeking change or current Soulard School students whose families have experienced a hardship since the last application period.