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Mission: The mission of The Soulard School is to be a school that reflects the rich diversity of the neighborhood and surrounding communities; a school that actively involves families in their children’s educational life; a school committed to developing physical, social-emotional, and intellectual competencies. The Soulard School will serve as an example of the profound and real possibilities of a community dedicated to educating its children.

We are committed to understanding the dynamic process of learning across the school community and within each student. Our evolving approach permeates every aspect of our school experience. We take a progressive approach to learning and believe that children learn best by doing, and that their voices and interests should be incorporated throughout their learning experience. We see valuable aspects in many educational theories and programs, and believe that teachers teach best, and students learn best when we are able to incorporate the most meaningful approach to each situation.

We believe that this approach supports the attitudes and behaviors needed today as well as those that will be needed in the future. These include four core pillars of: Diversity and Inclusion, Child Well-Being, Integrated Studies Curriculum, and Community Engagement. Each of our pillars are built upon the previous ones, as we build awareness and skills within each pillar that supports students, teachers, and all members of our community to fully engage in our learning environment.

Diversity and Inclusion- establish a strong sense of community and belonging within our students, parents and staff

Child Well-Being- provide a framework for building social and emotional intelligences through the explicit teaching of executive functions.

Integrated Studies Curriculum- combine curriculum for two or more subjects, allowing students to see how ideas are connected to arrive at more meaningful and authentic understanding. With this approach, students are motivated to learn, engaged in their learning, retain their knowledge, and are better able to think critically and collaborate

Community Engagement- actively involve families to create a shared vision between administration, teachers and parents. The Soulard School actively values the city and sees it as a place of learning, rich with resources and full of opportunities, and we tap into neighborhood and human capital as a source of energy.


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