About The Soulard School


At the Soulard School we are committed to understanding the dynamic process of learning across the school community and within each student. We believe that no single approach in education theory or application is best. In fact, adherence to one distorts the ability to critically examine any others or incorporate new information. Our evolving approach permeates every aspect of our school experience.

Respect is at the core of our philosophy – respect for each person, for life, and for the environment. Respect for each student’s individuality, learning style and intentions lay at the foundation of our approach. We believe that this approach supports the attitudes and behaviors needed today as well as those that will be needed in the future. These include: personal empowerment and cultural pluralism; global thinking and ecological awareness; flexibility and adaptability; creativity and innovation; respect, caring, and responsibility; and competencies of all kinds.

Our Model

Our education is based on an innovative model that we created when The Soulard School opened in 2005. This model is built on three core pillars: equitable tuition, integrated studies curriculum and community engagement. It is this unique model that allows us to create original programming, that empowers teachers, engages families and includes students. Through innovative leadership programs, relevant community partnerships and authentic experiences that elevate every type of learner, our model results in children
who know they can have an impact.

Equitable Tuition

Our Equitable Tuition Program is an integral part of our model and helps to financially support our educational vision. We use an income-based sliding-scale tuition system designed specifically to create a naturally diverse student population. This means one-third of our population pays full tuition, one-third qualifies for mid-range tuition and one-third of elementary students are considered at or below the poverty line by state and federal standards. The Equitable Tuition Program allows all of our families to educate their children as equal members of a diverse community.

Take a look at our 2017-2018 Parent Handbook.

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