Admissions: Pre-K & Elementary


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Important Dates and Information

Applicants to our Pre-K 2018-19 program must be 3 years by August 1, 2018.  

Applicants to our Kindergarten 2018-19 program must be 5 years by August 1, 2018.

Tours and Open House:

See the website calendar for tour dates.

Please call (314) 865-2799 or email to join a tour.


Admission Checklist

  1. Reserve a spot at our monthly tour. Call us (314) 865-2799 or email
  2. Fill out and return the Application for Admission with the $50 non-refundable fee
  3. To apply for Sliding Scale Tuition consideration, include Family Financial Commitment Plan (FFCP) with Admission Application.   
  4. Review Family Expectations


Sliding Scale Tuition Consideration Deadlines

All families applying for sliding scale tuition consideration are required to submit a Family Financial Commitment Plan (FFCP) with their admissions application.  If you do not want to be considered for Sliding Scale Tuition the waiver must be signed and returned. 

33% of families pay full tuition

33% of families pay mid-range of full tuition

33% of families pay less than ½ of full tuition

Determination is based on family need and the school's commitment to balanced economic diversity.


Admission Decisions

Submit application (with FFCP or waiver)

The School will send confirmation of pending application.

Review of Applications.  During this portion of the process the following criteria are taken into consideration:

Siblings already enrolled and Staff

Classroom balance, i.e. gender or age consideration in Pre-K classroom

School-wide balance and socioeconomic diversity

Students reapplying from prior year waitlists

Neighborhood residents

All other applicants

After application is reviewed, Administration will request to meet with families, schedule observations and/or evaluations of student applicants between mid February and mid March.



Forms are avaialbe in our front office between between the hours of 8:30am-3:30pm.


Tuition Enrollment Form for Accepted/Enrolled Families

FACTS Tuition Management eCashier Link